Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Does Amberin Really Work?

Yes. Menopause is that dreadful. Hormone levels goes out of whack. Irregular bleeding, hot flashes, mood swings, extreme fatigue and insomnia could happen because of it. Frankly, it sucks.

No woman enjoys the thought of menopause but every woman enjoys the thought of helping to control the effects of this unavoidable part of life. Here are some Positive and Negative effects Amberin will have if you take it to aid your health and hormones during menopause.

Positive Things about Amberin
  • Amberin claims to have double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study.
  • It’s a non-hormonal treatment but functions like a hormonal treatment.
  • They say that it doesn't have to be taken 365 days a year in their usage dosage. The claims that it works like this: take Amberin for 3 months, rest for 3 months, take it again for 3 months, and another 3 months rest.
  • Okay that’s the Positive things. What about the Negative things? Here ya go, you might find it shocking!Amberin comes with its negativity.

Negative Things about Amberin
  • Amberin can conflict with existing medications and in a some percentage of women has been reported to cause side effects such as massive headaches, Rashes, Watering of the eyes, itching and exacerbated those with extreme hypertension. caused by the appearance of MSG inside Amberin. 
  • While it’s function acts as a neurotransmitter for the treatment, some people with MSG sensitivity will be affected.
  • Their 3 months rest period is the best scenario that could happen, but generally it’s not that long. Based on reports and comments by the users, they have menopause symptoms relapse in a couple of weeks. 
  • Not for persons with hyperthyroid conditions. It’s advised not to consume Amberin before consulting with your physician. Problem is, even your physician wouldn't know what it is because the ingredient said “proprietary compound”.
  • Based on collective comments of the user, it can cause weight gain, acne, and period.
  • Patients with hormone-receptive cancers were not included in Amberin’s clinical trials.
Source: Google Images


  1. You might be amazed how many women are using Amberen! We can’t stress this necessary - Amberen isn’t precisely for menopausal women! It used to bring back our body’s very own balancing systems. I have already been using Amberen for one month to control my menstrual cycle also I’m not even close to to reaching Menopause Symptoms, and I can’t assume the variations that I have experienced within the past few weeks. For women who have experienced total hysterectomies, it can be specially an exquisite alternative due to the fact that your adrenal glands even now deliver hormones which need to be balanced. Amberen maintains our hormonal balances by stimulating the sensitivity of our hypothalamus and repairs connectivity signals from our tissues and organs.

    1. When you are a shill for the company, you ought to at least have a command of basic English. "I can't assume the variations"? "We can't stress this necessary"? "An exquisite alternative"? Sheesh.

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