Monday, 17 December 2012

How To Look Perfect For Your Office Christmas Party

‘This the season to be jolly. Christmas parties usually happen left and right. You will probably be attending different Christmas functions during the holiday season, so thinking of the perfect outfit to wear can be a challenge. You need not despair as these few fashion tips should help you avoid committing fashion crimes throughout the entire holiday season. 
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Office Christmas parties may be among the many parties you will be attending this holiday season. Since this party is connected with your work and career, there is much care that needs to be taken when putting on the perfect party dress. Some companies in the past have made the news due to some inappropriate behavior during the Christmas party. Office Christmas party may be a different occasion to attend all along. Some etiquette and conduct could be expected, especially since this is tied to your career.

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First up, find out if there is a dress code for the particular party. You can then choose from dresses, tops and women skirts that are appropriate for the dress code for the party. You can check the venue to get an idea on what would be appropriate to wear. It may be best to stick to the classic look in tops, skirts and dresses so as to dress appropriately. It would also be wise to stay away from showing too much skin in the clothes you will be wearing. Remember that this party is related to your work and career, so it might not be a good time to show off your new tattoo to your boss. If you do not have enough time to go back home to prepare for the party, you can freshen up at the office to look your best.

It is important that you are comfortable with the dress you are wearing. The office Christmas party may not be the right time to experiment too much on creating a new look for yourself. It is always best to be yourself expressing your own sense of fashion without being offensive or shocking to people you work with. If you are not very comfortable wearing high heels, you probably should opt for a more comfortable yet still stylish pair of shoes so you do not end up simply sitting all night.
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Despite the constrictions involved in such a party, it is not impossible to still look your best and flaunt some style. As long as you stick to your own good sense of fashion and style, you are bound to shine this season.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Perfect makeup tips for your Christmas party

Whether you are going out directly from work or home, we've got some excellent on-trend ideas and tips for the ultimate 'staying power'. We asked top make-up artists for their expert advice.

 Top trends
'Trends this Christmas definitely see the dark side of red on its way; color palettes are filled with sultry brown and chocolate red, carmine and vermilion, be as sexy as you can be with this look!

If you feel a little more courageous (and if the Christmas call is too loud to ignore!) go with a deep red lip instead, and tons of mascara on your eyes: make sure you use an eyelash curler; it makes a world of difference.

Muted metallics
'This season saw designers embrace their inner darkness.
'Catwalks were a mass of black lace, lacquered leggings and wild romance. Make-up artists followed suit with muted metallic for the eyes and rich berry tones for the lips.

'To ensure your look is more glamorous than gothic, use one of B's new loose metallic powders in seasonal must-have- colours; burgundy, sage green and muted gold and silver. The iridescent glitter reflects light, and makes even the richest colours wearable on the face and d├ęcolletage.'

DIY Tips
These are some tips for creating a dynamic day-to-night-look:

Smokey Eyes
'Smokey eyes quickly change your look from day to evening. It's easy to do; start with a dark, smokey charcoal color such as Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Shadowstick in Black Pearl. Apply color directly onto your eyelids with your finger, and blend-in. Using a lighter shade, apply this under the lower lashes, complete the look with black kohl along your lash line.'

Lush Lips
'Vibrant red lips is a must this festive-season, with lip liner giving a precise pout. Use the liner to give a curved effect and to prevent the finish from looking too angular. Complete with a rich red colour, Estee Lauder's Signature Lipstick in Ruby is ideal; then you're ready to-go!'

Top tip
'My best festive tip to you ladies is carrying a few essentials in your bag for quick top-ups during the evening. Blotting sheets, concealer and your favorite lipstick will see you through the night.'

Amazing Eyes
Artist shares her top tips for making small eyes look bigger.
'Use light, pale and shimmery eye shadows over the entire eye, it really opens-up small eyes, and makes them look bigger. Avoid using dark colours all-over as this draws attention to smaller eyes.

'Choosing shades to suit eye color is easy, avoid matching your eye color to your eye shadow color  as this will detract from your eyes. Choose deep plums or lilacs for green and blue eyes, and soft gold/copper tones for brown eyes. They will really stand-out!'

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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Tips for Perfect Christmas Party Makeup

1) Mineral makeup like is ideal for Christmas parties as it’s long-lasting and oil-absorbing so you won’t be shiny in photos

2) For dry skin, exfoliate once a week and use a mineral primer under your makeup to make sure foundation glides on smoothly and stays put
 3) Use a specific eye concealer instead of foundation around the delicate eye area. Don’t be heavy handed with light reflecting concealers especially for photographs as the flash can bounce off the concealer creating a white ring around the eye. Instead use a soft, matte concealer on under-eye circles for flawless photos.

4) Keep your complexion fresh and natural – don’t overcompensate with bronzer to conceal pale winter skin.

5) A soft pink blusher on the ‘apples’ of the cheeks with a touch of bronzer under the cheekbones is more flattering than allover bronzer which can flatten features in pictures as opposed to highlighting them. 

6) Emphasize your lashes! Use a double coat ; a good quality mascara won’t damage lashes even if used day and night – use mineral mascara or go with high-impact false lashes – cut them to fit your eyes and then apply after mascara.

7) Double cleanse! Cleansing is the most important part of a beauty routine. Finding a regime that controls imperfections and leaves skin clean will mean your moisturizer is more easily absorbed and you have to wear less makeup.

8) Follow the glamorous winter fashion trends and play with high-impact makeup for evening but only ever focus on a strong lip OR a strong eye application, but never both at once!

9) The Mad-Men 1950’s look is really popular at the moment and flattering to most skin tones  Use a slick of red lipstick, gloss or stain to mimic Christina Hendricks.

10) A shimmery grey eyeshadow looks great on all eye colors and is less severe than black. It can be worn on it’s own during the day and with black liner for evening. Mineral shadows tend to be crease resistant and are perfect for sensitive eyes. 
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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

RevitaSHAPE Cellulite Cream : Is it Beneficial to Buy

We’re still on the topic of cellulite treatment girls and today we’re going to talk about one particular cream that people are clearly buying, especially now that it’s Summer, the time of year that we all want to be at our most sexiest!

We’re talking about RevitaSHAPE Cellulite Cream. You may of heard of it, so we’re going to break it down to give you ladies the clearest picture possible and hopefully allow you to make up your own mind before deciding to give it a try.

Let’s get started with RevitaSHAPE reviews.
You don’t have to spend too much time searching to see that this product is very similar to the majority of creams on the market today, in that its main focus is to quickly eradicate the appearance of cellulite using a specific set of fast acting metabolics.

Very quickly, just keep in mind that there are two types of cellulite creams:

  • Those that give temporary relief.
  • Those that offer long term benefits.

Although they do claim to focus more on the reduction of toxins, which in most experts opinion is the main cause of cellulite, taking a quick look over the ingredients, it seems as though this isn't quite the case.

The main ingredient used in RevitaSHAPE is caffeine and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the effects of caffeine usually only last a couple of hours at most.

When applied through the skin, caffeine has an anti-inflammatory-like effect. This can help to reduce the size of the subcutaneous fat cells found just below the skin that cause the appearance of cellulite…but only temporarily!
It does this basically through the process of dehydration but once the effects wear off, your skin will return back to its previous state.

Out of all the temporary creams, this has got to be one of the best in our opinion. The problem is, it also has it’s downfalls…

The main Cons

  • The formula focuses too much on dehydrating your skin, potentially causing further skin damage.
  • At $79.99, it’s kinda expensive!
  • Gives on Temporary result

We’re not going to tell you that this product doesn't reduce the appearance of cellulite, because it does. The problem is, the effects are only temporary, which is something we really don’t like at all. We just wish they spent a little more time coming up with a formula to focus more on reducing toxin levels, while at the same time maintaining the health of your skin.

Ladies, we’re afraid that what we have here is yet another SHORT TERM solution to cellulite and not a cream that offers long term benefits at all. Here the Looks on Best Cellulite Creams 2012 reviews and find best for you.

As far as a short term solution goes, RevitaSHAPE definitely does offer some relief but in our minds, that’s not worth $80!

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