Monday, 7 January 2013

Everyday Things You Can Do To Beat Menopause Symptoms

Menopausal women need not fret because they do not have to succumb to the stress and hassle that menopause can bring. There are a lot of things that women can do in order to attain easy ways to get relief in menopause. Most of the things that women can do are not even going to neither affect their daily routine that much nor cost a fortune either. To know about the different easy ways to get relief in menopause, read on for more information.

Watch What You Eat
What you eat on a daily basis is going to greatly affect the way you handle menopause and the stress it brings. If you eat healthy food on a daily basis, you are not going to need a cocktail of supplements to reverse the effects of aging on your physique. A good idea is to start your morning with a cup of ginger tea followed by a warming bowl of oats with fruits. Snack on almonds and a serving of your fruit of choice in order to keep your body healthy. To beat menopause, eat lots of tofu and vegetables that contain phytoestrogens in order to prevent the from hot flashes and night sweats.

Supplement A Healthy Diet
If you think that a healthy diet isn't enough, the next step on our list of easy ways to get relief in menopause is to menopause supplements with herbs. Although there are a lot of drugs currently available, menopause is not a disease and shouldn't be treated as such. A good thing to do in order to take care of hot flashes, loss of libido, and night sweats is to choose herbs that will gently aid the body through the menopausal period. Good herbs to choose from include Angelica (or Dong Quai), Black Cohosh, and Sage. Of the three, sage is the gentlest herb as it rarely causes negative effects on the body.
 What’s more, sage can be added to meals and ingested in its simplest form unlike black cohosh and angelica, which are more readily available in pill or powder form. If you are going to take herbal Menopause supplements, make sure to check with your physician first. If you are suffering from cardiovascular diseases or other kinds of illnesses and are taking medication, don’t take your herbs along with your medicine because this could greatly affect the way your liver functions.

Move Your Body
Last but not the least, move your body! Exercise daily or at least three times a week in order to keep your bod in tiptop shape. This way, you will lessen your hot flashes and night sweats. Exercise, after all, is still one of the cheapest and easiest things you can do to alleviate menopausal symptoms. Stop investing in creams, pills, or other wonder products that promise to beat menopause. These things are all you really need in order to glide through your menopausal years.

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