Tuesday, 17 November 2015

How Revivatone is the Best Neck Treatment with Solvaderm?

As with delicate skin on areas of the face, the skin on the neck and chest needs extra care and attention. Regular exposure to environmental damage caused by the sun, pollution and other factors can have a marked effect on the appearance of the skin on the décolletage area around the neck and upper chest. In some cases, regular moisturizing and protection with a broad spectrum SPF may be sufficient to slow the visible signs of ageing, however damage can easily occur with even a small amount of unprotected exposure to the sun. To combat this, Solvaderm have developed Revivatone, an intensive neck and chest repair complex to specifically deal with the skin on this area of the body.

Neck Treatment with Solvaderm

Like the face, not the body

The skin on the neck and décolletage is delicate and more exposed than other parts of the body. It is thinner, stretched over a larger area and has less collagen. It is also less exposed to daylight than the face, meaning less melanin is produced and making it more susceptible to UVA and UVB damage. Yet we tend to treat it like the skin on the body, moisturizing but not applying an SPF, or worse, by using a moisturizing creme for the body. These tend to lack ingredients such as antioxidants, retinoids and those used to help maintain the skin's elasticity, so that while they provide moisture they do little else in the way of supporting and protecting the décolletage.


One protective measure that should be taken regardless of age, and whether or not there appears to be any damage to the skin, is by wearing sunscreen on the area. UVA rays are always present during daylight hours: sunny or cloudy, winter or summer. Unlike UVB rays which cause the skin to burn, they cannot be felt by the presence of heat and as a result can cause, as much, if not more damage in the long term to unprotected skin. Known as 'photoaging', damage by ultraviolet light can cause medical problems related to the skin and it is always recommended that any damage is seen by a dermatologist. In order to prevent photoaging, it is recommended that a broad spectrum SPF of no less than 30 be worn on the face to protect against UVA and UVB and this should be extended to the neck and décolletage.


If cosmetic damage has been caused, Solvaderm recommend the use of Revivatone which has been developed especially to deal with this. Containing anti-ageing peptides which help restore the skin's vitality, it also contains Hyaluronic acid to help restore firmness and Squalane which minimizes the appearance of fine lines like those that can appear on the neck. Solvaderm's customers have given this product rave reviews and it's not hard to see why. Results, which can be seen in as little as two weeks, reveal skin that looks smooth, firm and toned. When it comes to reviving the skin on the neck, Revivatone is just the tonic!


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