Saturday, 21 March 2015

How to Get Fair Skin Naturally?

While suntanned skin is definitely attractive, the reality is that even individuals without a tendency to burn must take extra precautions when it comes to sun exposure. For fair-skinned individuals, sun protection is of the utmost importance, and this can be frustrating for those with naturally fair skin when trying to compete with the sun-kissed beauties of summer. First and foremost, fair skin is naturally beautiful, and in today's world, more and more people are learning to embrace their natural beauty rather than attempting to change it. However, if you are fair-skinned and are looking to add a simple splash of color to your naturally beautiful skin, there are safe and natural ways to achieve a lovely, sun kissed look. Here are some tips that will help you love and protect the skin you were born with, as well as some easy tips to add a hint of summer sun to your light skin tone.

How to Get Fair Skin Naturally?


Whether you are fair-skinned or your skin is darker in pigment, the reality is that all skin needs to be protected from the sun, regardless of whether or not you burn easily. Fair skinned individuals should always apply a layer of all-natural sunscreen prior to heading out into the sun, and be sure to re-apply after swimming. The SPF factor should always be 15 or higher, and there are a variety of natural sunblocks that contain healthy emollient ingredients that are extremely beneficial to the skin. Sunblocks with zinc-oxide work well to protect sensitive skin from burning, and the additional ingredients of aloe vera, Vitamin E and cocoa butter protect, moisturize, and nourish the skin, allowing for a safe and healthy sun-kissed look. In addition to sunscreen, it is always a good idea to wear a beach hat when you are planning a day out in the warm weather, as this will provide additional protection. Believe it or not, the top of your head is prone to sunburn, especially if you have blonde or red hair. Keeping your head covered will help minimize the effects of the sun on your head, as well as protect your skin from premature wrinkles and sun spots.

Sunless Tanning Creams

One great way to achieve a beautiful and natural glow is by applying sunless tanning cream. Sunless tanning cream works wonders on the skin, and there are all natural versions that contain emollient ingredients such as Vitamin E and cocoa butter that help to firm and tone the skin as well. Additionally, sunless tanning creams are specifically designed for all shades of skin, ranging from fair to dark, so if you are fair skinned, you never have to worry about your skin looking too tan. It is important to note that sunless tanning creams do not contain sunscreen, so if you are headed out to the beach or planning an outdoor activity, be sure to apply a layer of all-natural sunscreen on your skin as well.


Gone are the days when a deep dark tan is the only way to look and feel attractive. The world is filled with individuals with a variety of skin shades, and it is truly time to embrace your fair skin and the beauty that comes with it. By taking extra care of your skin with sun block that contains nourishing vitamins and minerals, and by using a natural sunless tanning cream, you can learn to love your unique skin shade as well as keep it moisturized and protected. Your fair skin is a beautiful extension of yourself, and by treating it with extra special skin care, it will stay youthful, beautiful, and healthy for many years to come!


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