Monday, 21 December 2015

Chapped And Cracked Lips? Say Good Bye To Them This Winter

As winter approaches, people are not only worrying about the cold weather but also the drying of the lips. Therefore, as they shop for heavy pullovers they also put the lip moisturizing products into consideration. It is very ugly and unpleasant for an individual to appear in a place with dry, chapped lips; this makes the victims lose their confidence before people. How somebody looks like or views him/herself determines the level of confidence that a person has. It is therefore, advisable for us to maintain the appearance that we would like to have to ensure self-esteem is kept at the required position. One of the ways that we can do is by controlling our lips from cracking to acquire the beautiful appearance that you have you always wanted. With the following precaution to your lips, say good bye to dry and chapped lips this winter;

1. Take a lot of water
During the cold season, most people forget to drink water because it is always the hot weather during summer that compels them to drink water to cool them. Most medical officers always recommend taking about seven glasses of water a day regardless of whether they are feeling thirsty or not. Apart from assisting in digestion, water keeps the skin including the lips moisturized all through. In fact, if you want to know that you are dehydrated, check if your lips dried suddenly. Therefore, taking enough water this winter even if it is warm will help prevent your lips from cracking. Remember any drink cannot replace water however, cold it may be.  For your information sugary drinks can cause dehydration.

2. Avoid licking you lips
Despite how water is really good for your lips, your saliva being watery does not help moisturize your lips. It only does it for 2 minutes and then the lips dry than it was; it is only good enough for moisturizing when you want to take an instant photo. Licking your lips washes away the natural oil from the lips leaving it dry and pale. No one is born with a disorder of licking lips hence it is just a habit that can be avoided. Another mouth habit that you should also avoid is biting your lips and pealing them.

3. Moisturize regularly
Every other part of the skin requires moisturizing after coming in contact with water and so does the lips. It is that part of the skin that ladies rarely forget to apply those beautiful lipsticks and lip balm; which is a good thing. This winter makes sure you do not neglect that simple thing of moisturizing your lips. Lip balms or petroleum jelly can serve that purpose very effectively. Avoid using the tasty lip balms to plumb your lips because they trigger licking of the lips which causes drying. On top of that plump, you lips with the best lip plumpers to ensure that they remain okay. Reviews on the best lip plumper show the tasteless lip plumpers as the review best lip bumpers.

4. Exfoliation does it
Exfoliation is the removal of the dead outer skin to pave way for the new skin. This is one of the universal treatments for most skin related problems. Just like you face requires exfoliation to become soft and young, the lips also require preventing them from getting chapped. Exfoliate your lips once in a while and be sure of ever moisturized lips this winter. Salt or sugar can make good exfoliates but there are other artificial products used to exfoliate. Always remember that overdoing something can be very dangerous and may turn the output to the opposite direction.

5. Check on your diet
Lips are part of the skin and the food required for the skin is hence the food required for better lips. Food rich in vitamins like vegetables are the ones you are required to take. Fruits also are the most suitable substances for skin nourishment. Just avoid too salty foods because they are always stimulation to licking your lips. What you take into your body is what determines your physical appearance therefore, avoid excess smoking and consumption of alcohol or do not do it at all.

Everyone likes looking beautiful but with cracked chapped lips the beautiful appearance is compromised. Proper care of your lips is what is required of you in order to have that beautiful appearance. Proper diet, exfoliation, moisturizing, drinking water and changing your licking habit are the simple things that one has to do to say goodbye to dry chapped lips. It is therefore, your responsibility to make yourself what you want to be. Above elaboration is everything you need and now it is a matter of choice.

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