Friday, 17 May 2013

Does Amberin Cause Weight Loss?

Many women who buy Amberin will have heard rumors about how Amberin can cause weight loss. In this article I will look at the evidence for this and, if it does cause weight loss, whether or not it is safe.

If you look at the official FAQ on the Amberin website it will tell you that women in trials with Amberin lost excess weight. When I first heard this I was immediately a little concerned, how can a supposedly natural product cause such an effect?

To find out if this claim was substantiated, I looked through some of the medical reports written up after the trials which are available online. They indeed state that the subjects lost excess weight during the trial. A number of women I know who have taken Amberin also claim that they have lost considerable weight.

If the weight loss is real, then is it safe? Surely a natural product shouldn't have such an effect on our bodies? The answer to this is a bit more complicated because actually the reason why many women lose weight is due to the loss of menopause symptoms. Many women gain weight when they experience menopause and so when these symptoms disappear they go back to their normal weight. When I went through menopause I had constant cravings for sweet foods and consequently gained a lot of weight.

In conclusion then, it is possible for some women to lose weight taking Amberin but this is only attributable to the subsiding of menopause symptoms.

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