Thursday, 4 April 2013

Is Cosima Revival Scam? Let Cosima Revival reviews to reveal you the truth!

Many people are affected with the problem of wrinkles and stretch marks on their skin. These skin disorders can be caused by ageing, sun exposure, smoking, etc. They are searching for effective ways to reduce the wrinkle formation and appearance of the stretch marks. Cosima revival is an anti-wrinkle cream that reduces the stretch marks and wrinkles and prevents them from appearing again. It has been clinically proven for treating the creases and makes you look younger.

It helps to liberate from the ageing signs like formation of folds, creases, wrinkles and furrows on the skin. This new anti-ageing serum is gentle on the skin and repairs the damages on skin by treating the skin problems.

How the ingredients work to reduce wrinkles?
It contains Vitamins, L-Argentines, L-Ornithine and L-Glutamine which aids in repairing the damages on the skin. It will reduce the inflammation and rashes of the skin and claims to give you incredible results.

It treats the skin disorders caused by ageing and works to give you a flawless skin which makes you look young and beautiful. It helps to stimulate the skin proteins by increasing the growth of collagen. It helps to get rid of the free radicals that are responsible for skin impairments and damages. It rejuvenates the dry skin and keeps them hydrated; this will give you a smooth texture.

It protects your skin from harmful radiations by promoting the hormones that are essential for healthy skin. This product helps to fade away the dark circles and wrinkles of the skin by regenerating the skin cells and makes you appear young. It also helps to fight the stretch marks which are present on your belly area.

Directions to use this product:
Wash your face; apply it on your face, neck and belly. This product gets absorbed into the skin; with regular application you will have flawless and radiant skin texture.

What are the Cons?
  • There is scant information on the official website regarding the ingredients.
  • The official website does not have user testimonials and FAQ’s.

Does Cosima revival Scam?
According to some customer reviews this product is scam; it does not offer the free trail as claimed at the purchasing of Cosima Revival. Some people have been allergic to this product and have broken out with terrible rash on their skin. Some customers were charged twice for the shipment of the product which was never received by them. When a customer ordered a free sample of the cream they charged $89.99 for the product even before the trial period of 14 days. When contacted by phone with this issue they did not clarify the reason for auto billing and deceptiveness. Another customer had ordered the free trial and received a full size product the cream was too heavy and did not find improvements using it.

This product has formulation that rejuvenates the skin and gives you smooth and firm skin. After reviewing on the customer reviews for this product, it is advisable not to opt for Cosima Revival. You can try another anti-wrinkle cream which is cost-effective and show effective improvements for reducing the wrinkles.

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