Monday, 11 March 2013

Top 5 Vitamins and Diet for Clear Skin Complexion

Many people are troubled with presence of acne, brown splotches, dark spots, etc. on their face. Other skin problems include tanning of the skin due to excess sun exposure, folds or creases on skin due to ageing and damages due to other environmental factors. You should take care of the diet you diet and keep a track on the amount of intake of essential nutrients to enrich your skin complexion.

Top 5 vitamins for skin complexion:
Listed below are the essential vitamins and diet which will help in repairing the skin and make result in having a glowing face.
  • Vitamin A: The effects of sun and ageing on skin can be repaired by consuming food rich in vitamin A. it helps to regulate the immunity system of the body which makes our body strong to fight the infections. It helps to produce the skin cell specially the white skin cells. You can include carrots, beet roots, broccoli, eggs, etc. which is rich in Vitamin A.
  • Vitamins B: The B vitamins support hydration and increase the blood circulation. It helps in tissue regeneration and reduces the inflammation of the skin. Vitamin B5 helps the body to metabolize the food and minimizes acne problem. As it is water soluble, so it easily get rid of your body and hence you should consume meat, vegetables and whole grains rich in Vitamin B5 daily. The oily skin can worsen and damage the skin; intake of B% will help in breakdown of cholesterol and make your skin healthy. Including potatoes, beans, and bananas in your diet will improve the supply of B vitamins.
  • Vitamin C: It is an anti-oxidant which is present in most of the skin damage reversal creams. I t protects the skin cells and heals the wounds. Vitamin C as an ingredient helps in increasing the production of the collagen. Many vegetables and citrus fruits like oranges, lemon, etc. are rich sources of Vitamin C.
  • Vitamin E: It is oil free and helps in hydration which is proven solution for acne skin. Consuming the eggs and pills helps repair the skin damages and acne breakouts.
  • Fish oil: The salmon fish is rich source of fish oil and also contains omega 3 fatty acids. It aids in calming and preventing the inflammation and irritation of skin caused by acne thereby reducing its size. Green leafy vegetables, whole grains and meat will help in repairing the skin damages. 
Which diet which support clear skin complexion?

  • For obtaining smooth texture: Eat strawberries, citrus acid, pepper and broccoli which help in formation of collagen and smooth the skin texture.
  • For sun protection: Sunflower seeds and almond nuts are loaded with vitamin E protects the skin from harmful UV rays and keeps skin hydrated.
    • For fewer wrinkles and youthful glow: Wild salmon and walnuts help in reducing the folds and wrinkle effects on the skin. Eating fortified cereal, poultry and oysters improves the skin and make your face glow.
    • For clearer skin: Inclusion of whole wheat and grains helps in clearing the skin complexion by reducing acne effect on face.
    • For fresh complexion: Dark orange and leafy green and red vegetables are full of anti-oxidants and beta-carotene helps in regulating cell production and makes your skin soft and firm

    You can include vitamin rich foods in your menu which will help in regulation of skin cell production and make your face appear acne-free. Eating a healthy diet will help in maintaining a clear skin complexion. So Eat Healthy Diet for Healthy Skin.

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